The Educated Caregiver: Three Volume Set

The Educated Caregiver: Three Volume Set

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A family guide to providing care for a loved one at home

Providing care for a loved one is one of the toughest jobs you can ever have.

In The Educated Caregiver video series, you'll meet others who know what you're going through - and who share their experiences, insights and advice. From them and from healthcare professionals, you'll learn skills and valuable strategies for taking care of yourself and your loved one.


The Educated Caregiver Volume 1 Coping Skills
The Educated Caregiver: Volume 1 Coping Skills

From those who have shouldered it themselves, learn how to deal with the physical and emotional burden caregivers experience. The video's short, easily viewed segments let you focus on or review specific skills: 

• Gaining control over a demanding daily routine 
• Reducing stress 
• Averting burnout, or "compassion fatigue" 
• Preparing for when your loved one leaves home 
• Dealing with natural feelings of helplessness,
   anger, resentment and guilt

The Educated Caregiver Volume 2 Hands-On Skills
The Educated Caregiver: Volume 2 Hands-On Skills

You'll see step-by-step demonstrations of key caregiving skills you'll use every day, such as: 

• Caring for bed-ridden patients 
• Assistance with walking 
• Transferring from a bed to a chair 
• Dressing, grooming and hygiene 
• Assessment techniques 
• Home safety

The Educated Caregiver Volume 3 Essential Knowledge
The Educated Caregiver: Volume 3 Essential Knowledge

Healthcare professionals share vital information every caregiver needs to know, including: 

• Communicating with a loved one 
• Administering medications and
   understanding interactions 
• Avoiding and controlling infection 
• Wound care and preventing bed sores 
• Ensuring proper nutrition


"...The Educated Caregiver is a great tool that every caregiver needs.  I've been a fan since I first saw them..."

Gary Barg
Publisher / Editor in Chief,

"...I've been using The Educated Caregiver at our caregiver support meetings to answer the many questions they have.  It helps with so many aspects, not only the physical needs, but the emotional as well..."

Carol Upton
Patient Service Coordinator
National Parkinson Foundation Center of Excellence

"...The tapes were exactly what I wanted and exactly what I needed. I felt so close to all the caregivers interviewed. I felt like I was in the room with the people and they were talking to me one on one.  The information is honest, down-to-earth and truthful.  I am looking for a support group.  If I can't find one, I will start one of my own with this series.  I will wear out these tapes!..."

Barbara Rousch
Caregiver - Ohio

"...The information presented in this series could be of enormous benefit to caregivers who are challenged every day to provide the best care possible for their loved one at home..."

CARING Magazine
Reviewer's Choice
November 1999

"...For the price, we have not seen a more comprehensive, professional production that provides such a valuable breadth of information..."

Alzheimer's Association
West Central Minnesota Chapter
Winter 2000

"...These videos cover all aspects of caregiving: practical, physical, emotional.  And the newer series titled The Family Guide to Long-term Care works through every phase of decision-making as loved ones become less independent.  All these tapes are sensitively and beautifully produced and brimming with essential information from a variety of informed professionals..."

Beth Stein
January 20, 2002

"...When an adult child, with children of her own still at home, faces subtle and then dramatic changes physically and mentally in their parent, one can't help but ask: 'What do I do now? Who do I turn to? What questions do I ask? What do I look for?'  It's overwhelming."
"Your company has done an excellent job of putting these tapes together.   They are tastefully done; the information is clear and precise and doesn't overtax the viewer with a plethora of details; and the information is presented in such a way that it is not given condescendingly to the viewer/caretaker.  They are a great 'jumping-off' point of information for those becoming caretakers, or for those who want to be aware of what to expect and how to handle the responsibilities should an adult child become a caretaker of their parent/in-law..."

Kathleen Strodtbeck
Caregiver - Tennessee

"...It is with great fervor that Easter Seals endorses The Educated Caregiver as an important tool for teaching coping skills.  This video certainly has the potential to touch lives and offer a new and positive outlook for caregivers..."

Jayne Perkins
President & CEO
Easter Seals, Nashville TN

"...This is one of the best caregiving videos I've seen!   It touches upon so many of the emotions  and challenges common among caregivers..."
Grace Smith, MSW
Aging Services Coordinator
Mental Health Association
Nashville TN